Roofs for Heroes

Roofs for Heroes

Roof for Heros

At Shumaker Roofing Co., honor, respect, service, and love of this great country and those who serve it are the principles that drive every project we undertake. Founded by a disabled Vietnam War veteran, and now owned by a disabled United States Navy veteran, these values are at the core of our mission.

Unlike other roofing and home improvement companies, we don’t just talk about our beliefs; we act on them by donating roofs to veterans in need. While the sacrifices of our veterans are priceless, Shumaker Roofing Co. is committed to providing donations of our labor and time to those who served in the armed forces.

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Giving Back to Veterans

When you choose Shumaker, you become part of something bigger than just investing in your home; you’re helping us support a veteran who dedicated their time and sacrificed everything to protect our country.

The veteran who receives a new roof will get the same high-quality service and products we provide to all our customers. Our shingles not only deliver luxury but also ensure protection and durability. Additionally, we offer a wide range of colors and styles to suit every preference.

The veteran will also receive a $250 gift card upon completion of the roof installation and an American Flag to honor their bravery, sacrifice, and service to this great country.

We’re proud to support Operation: Roof for Heroes, as we believe giving back is our duty. The free service we provide to our veterans allows them to use their savings and resources for other essential aspects of their lives, such as childcare, education, healthcare, and many other financial needs.

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