5 Year Repair Giveaway

Shumaker Roofing – Free 5 Year Repair Process

Shumaker Roofing Free 5 Year Repair Process

Ready to protect your home with a top-quality roof restoration? Shumaker Roofing is thrilled to announce our Roof Repair Giveaway Sweepstakes, offering homeowners the chance to WIN a comprehensive 5-year repair process. This includes a thorough cleaning, necessary repairs, and a rejuvenation oil treatment for your shingles, ensuring lasting protection and peace of mind.

To help us find that family, we’re turning to you! We encourage you to enter the giveaway and to tell us a bit about yourself – or nominate someone you know that could use help with their roof!

Get A New Roof

What You Can Expect When You Enter The Roof Repair Giveaway Sweepstakes:

  • A phone call or email from Shumaker Roofing to schedule your complimentary in-person consultation.

  • An in-person consultation with a Shumaker Roofing consultant to measure and inspect your present home’s roof. They will assist you in understanding the repair process, including the cleaning, necessary repairs, and rejuvenation oil treatment. You will receive a free roof repair plan and estimate for your entry into the sweepstakes, which you may use in conjunction with the prize if you win!


We have mastered our rejuvenation process. We don’t just clean/repair, or spray oils on your roof. We REFRESH. REPAIR. and RESTORE. We do things that most roofing companies refuse to do! We add life to your existing shingle roof by restoring the oils back into the asphalt, and back it up with our 5 Year Warranty!


Apply pre-treatment roof cleaning


Roof Tune-U


Apply rejuvenation oils to restore the shingles back to its original state

Get A Free Roof Rejuvenation!

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