Dear homeowners,

This summer your community experienced a series of severe weather events that resulted in widespread roof, home, and automobile damage. Below is a series of information that will help you understand why contractors keep knocking on your door & what you can do to put an end to it!

7/1/2022- .75″ hail

7/12/2022- 85 MPH winds with 1″ hail.

8/4/2022- 1″ hail.

Pictured: Severe Weather event map Hailtrace, used by insurance companies and roofers to determine high damage areas.

severe weather event maps to determine which homes they will knock on. The yellow swatch on the map are significant hail events and the blue are significant wind events.

A significant hail event is hail over 3/4 of an inch for more than 5 minutes and

a significant wind event is wind over 65 MPH.

Our contractors are stopping by your home with the intention of assisting you with the insurance claims process. Homes with qualifying storm damage are eligible for full roof replacements for as low as $500-$1500, depending on ones homeowner’s insurance. Homeowners who file alone often result in underpaid or even denied claims.

Maryland has had 3 significant weather events in the last 6 months.

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Okay? And? My roof looks fine!” or “my roof is only 15 years old, I have plenty of time left!” or maybe you’re thinking to yourself, “I don’t see any leaks so my roof is not damaged.” and there is a chance that you may be right. However the only way to determine is through a free damage assessment. Below are the top 4 reasons why contractors are stopping by.

1) Is my home located in a high impact area?

If your home is located within any of these colored swatches, you should take advantage of a free damage assessment to ensure that the lifespan of your roof has not been effected. When shingles are heavily impacted, most manufacturer warrantees become void.

2) What type of shingle do I have?

Door knockers target homes that have 3 tab shingles more often than those who have architectural shingles. 3 tab shingles have a lifespan of 15-20 years under optimal conditions. When exposed to severe weather events the life span drops to 7-10 years. Most 3 tab shingles are effected by hail events as small as .75,” and are damaged by wind speeds as low as 65 MPH.

If your shingles look similar to the photo above then this is why contractors are stopping at your home. These shingles are damaged much easier than architectural shingles, and there is a high possibility that your roof has damage from the storms we experienced this summer. The only way to determine if your roof is damaged is through a free damage assessment.

3) Is there plant growth on my roof?

If your roof has plant growth, moss, or lichen, it is showing early signs of deterioration. Any type of growth on your roof will cause moisture to retain and prevent adequate water shedding from your roof system further effecting it’s lifespan. Plant growth is considered a routine maintenance issue and is not considered roof damage by insurance.

4) Do I have obvious signs of damage?

Roofing contractors have a good eye for spotting damage from the street. We look at soft metal like gutters, power boxes, and mailboxes in the neighborhood to determine if there is a potential for damage on your roof. If we notice missing shingles, “swiss cheese” patterns , or sings of lifting shingles, then we know there is a good chance that there is more damage. Delaying repairs can result in more damage that can cost the homeowners thousands, and denial of insurance coverage.

Tips for putting an end to the door knockers-

1) Replace your roof. Whether it is through insurance or out of pocket, homes with new roofs do not get knocked on unless there is obvious damage that needs to be addressed.

2) Put a “No Trespassing” sign at the start of your property.

3) Put a “No Soliciting” sign on your door. Although knockers who are inspecting for insurance purposes are not soliciting or “selling” you anything most contractors will respect your wishes.

Shumaker Roofing contractors will always respect your wishes.

Our intention is to help homeowners save money, time, and stress by assisting them through the insurance claim process. Shumaker Roofing Co. has been proudly served Maryland and Pennsylvania for over 75 years. We take tremendous pride in our workmanship, employees, and our community.

To schedule your free damage assessment, call now or click here.