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Roof Evaluation In Burkittsville, MD

At Shumaker Roofing, we understand the importance of maintaining a sturdy and secure roof over your head. That’s why our expert team offers professional roof evaluation services in Burkittsville, MD. Whether you’re dealing with the aftermath of a storm, suspect damage, or simply want to ensure your roof’s longevity, we provide thorough assessments to keep your home safe and sound.

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Why Choose Shumaker Roofing?

Expertise and Experience: With years of industry experience, our skilled professionals use the latest techniques and technology to assess your roof’s condition. We identify potential issues before they become costly problems, ensuring your roof remains in top shape.

Comprehensive Evaluation Process: Our roof evaluations include a detailed inspection of all roofing components. From shingles and flashing to gutters and downspouts, we leave no stone unturned. Our team looks for signs of wear and tear, structural damage, and potential leak points, providing you with a complete picture of your roof’s health.

What We Do


Imagine a roof that’s not just a protective covering, but an extension of your home’s personality, enhancing its beauty while safeguarding it from the harshest elements.


We weather the storm with you, ensuring your home emerges stronger and more beautiful.


Guarantee your project’s success by tapping into seasoned expertise. Choose a team that’s highly skilled in a wide range of construction, spanning from multi-family havens to innovative structures.


Go solar, go bright, go green- Make a smart switch for your home and the planet. Choose a custom solar setup that cuts your carbon footprint and your electricity costs. Shine bright with sustainable energy savings.

At Shumaker Roofing , We are…


We’re rooted in the communities we serve and committed to being around for the long-haul.


With a growing number of employees, we’re constantly working to expand our capabilities to provide you with cutting-edge solutions and efficient service.

Customer Centric

Your peace of mind is our priority. Our team members focus on finding the best ways to meet your needs and give you the best experience.

Our Expertise

Don’t wait for visible signs of damage to take action.

Regular evaluations are key to extending the life of your roof and preventing unexpected expenses.

Contact Shumaker Roofing today to schedule your comprehensive roof evaluation in Burkittsville, MD.

Our friendly team is ready to assist you in ensuring your roof remains in excellent condition for years to come.

Our Credentials

Our Happy Customers

Recommended by a neighbor, definitely made the right decision. Friendly, very knowledgeable, efficient and thorough. The only roofer that closely inspected both inside and out. Impressed with attention to details and follow up

John Collins

Michele is well rounded and extremely knowledgeable in the roofing industry. She has provided my customers with services, that they were 100% satisfied with. She has helped out several of my customers with new roofs. They’ve all been very happy and satisfied. Trusting in Michele has been very easy to pass along to my customers.

Adam Hinkle

Noah Hutcherson is a very well rounded and respectable man. He works hard through every task given and perseveres through all of the challenges that come with it. He is very confident in himself and the work he is able to do. He pushes himself very hard to be the best that he can be. He is very patient and understanding and also very kind.

Krista York