Learn about the effectiveness and economics of installing solar tubes, which typically cost $612.50. Solar tubes fitted by professionals usually cost between $475 and $750, guaranteeing both value and quality. Discover affordable lighting options for your area right now!

You can get natural light similar to that of skylights with less hassle and expense if you install solar tubes. Solar tubing is an excellent choice if you’ve considered adding more daylight to a dimly lit kitchen or hallway. Warm, indirect light abounds from solar tubes, and their installation costs are a fraction of those of a regular skylight.

the image depicting the installation of solar tubes on a residential roof

What Is the Cost of Installing Solar Tubes?

According to Elite Solar, the typical cost to build a tubular skylight in the US for 2019 ranges from $500 to $1,000. The installation of solar tubes costs approximately $750. Installing a solar tube is significantly less expensive than installing regular skylights, which can cost up to $2,000. You might be able to utilize a kit to install tubular skylights yourself for about $200 to $400 if you’re confident and don’t mind working on roofs. Unlike skylights, tubular skylights don’t require additional drywall to be erected. Painting or altering the framing is not necessary. These are only approximate figures; this is not an official quote.

the image depicting the interior of a modern home illuminated by natural light from solar tubes

What Is the Light Produced by Solar Tubes?

With our selection of cutting-edge options, discover the splendor of solar tube lighting solutions. Say goodbye to dark corners and hello to luminous living with our versatile solar tube solutions, perfect for any home or business environment. Starting with the small 10″ solar tube, you’ll be amazed by its illuminating power, radiating brightness akin to three 100-watt bulbs. Perfect for smaller spaces, it effortlessly lights up rooms spanning 150 to 200 square feet, enhancing ambiance and visibility. Getting up to our 14-inch solar tube opens up even more possibilities, flooding spaces of up to 300 square feet with natural, energy-efficient light.

image showing various potential installation points for solar tubes in a modern home

Where Can Solar Tubes Be Installed in A Home?

There are numerous places where solar tubes can be installed. However, some common places where homeowners put solar tubes are as follows:

The one area where installing a light tube is generally not recommended is directly above a screen, like a computer or TV, as this might cause glare that can be bothersome.

the image depicts a modern house with solar tubes installed on the roof

Are Solar Tubes Right For Your House?

You can also lower your electricity bill by using solar tubes. Additionally, there are more alternatives available for selecting the ideal solar tube for your residence or place of business because installations of solar tubes do not require modifications to a frame. Make sure there is enough room in your attic to run a solar tube tube by looking at it. To make sure solar tubes will work for your house or place of business, we may come out and evaluate your attic and room. Anything that gets in the way, such as tubing, can be shifted or avoided. Since tubular skylights only require only one foot of tubing, installing them in vaulted ceilings is incredibly easy.

Our Recommendation

Consider solar tubes as an alternative to traditional skylights. Offering similar natural light benefits with less hassle and expense, they’re perfect for brightening up kitchens, hallways, and more. Plus, with installation costs significantly lower than regular skylights, you’ll enjoy the benefits of natural light without the hefty price tag. Discover the transformative power of solar tubes today!


In conclusion, solar tubes offer a cost-effective and efficient way to bring natural light into your home or business. With installation costs ranging from $475 to $750, they provide an affordable alternative to traditional skylights while delivering similar benefits. From enhancing ambiance to reducing electricity bills, solar tubes offer numerous advantages for brightening up any space. Whether you’re looking to illuminate your kitchen, hallway, or bathroom, solar tubes provide warm, indirect light without the need for extensive modifications. Explore the possibilities of solar tube lighting solutions and experience the transformative impact of natural light in your environment.

FAQs: How Much Do Solar Tubes Cost?

1. What is the typical cost range for installing solar tubes?

  • The typical cost for installing solar tubes falls between $475 and $750, depending on various factors such as size and installation complexity.

2. Are there any additional expenses besides the initial installation cost?

  • Generally, the initial installation cost covers all necessary expenses. However, additional costs may arise for specialized equipment or attic modifications.

3. Do solar tubes require regular maintenance, and if so, are there ongoing expenses?

  • Solar tubes typically require minimal maintenance. However, occasional cleaning of the tubes and diffusers may be necessary, with minimal associated costs.

4. Are there financing or rebate options available for solar tube installations?

  • Depending on your location, there may be financing programs or rebates to help offset installation costs. It’s advisable to research available incentives in your area.

5. Can I install solar tubes myself to save money?

  • While some DIY kits are available, professional installation is recommended to ensure proper performance and warranty validity. DIY installations also require consideration of safety and expertise in roofing.