CertainTeed stands as a formidable entity in North America’s construction materials sector, renowned for its comprehensive range of products spanning drywall to roofing materials. Founded in 1904 as the General Roofing Manufacturing Company, CertainTeed has evolved into a pivotal subsidiary of Saint-Gobain SA, a venerable Paris-based materials conglomerate with a legacy stretching over three centuries. This rich heritage bestows CertainTeed with unparalleled expertise and insight, especially in the roofing domain, now extended to solar innovations. Their solar panel are meticulously designed for seamless installation by both seasoned roofers and solar professionals. The company’s solar manufacturing operations are strategically located in Vietnam and the United States, ensuring robust quality and availability. By the end of the article you’ll have a better understanding on CertainTeed solar panels.

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CertainTeed’s Pioneering Solar Panel Technology 

Embarking on a solar investment demands a meticulous examination of product specifications. A comprehensive review of CertainTeed’s solar panels is indispensable for discerning their standing amidst the competitive solar market. CertainTeed’s solar portfolio includes advanced solar panels and innovative solar roofing tiles, engineered for efficiency and durability. These products are crafted with precision in state-of-the-art facilities, reflecting the company’s commitment to excellence and sustainability.

CertainTeed Solar: Exploring the Available Series 

CertainTeed presents the Solstice Series, a comprehensive collection designed to meet the needs of both residential and commercial solar energy systems. This series encompasses an array of solar solutions including panels, shingles, and tiles. Each product is engineered to deliver efficiency and aesthetic integration.

Solar Panels 

The Solstice Series solar panels are crafted to harness maximum sunlight, ensuring optimal energy conversion. These high-efficiency panels are perfect for homeowners and businesses seeking reliable and sustainable energy sources. With robust construction and advanced photovoltaic technology, these panels are designed to withstand various weather conditions while maintaining peak performance.

Solar Shingles 

Incorporating solar energy into your home has never been more seamless with CertainTeed’s solar shingles. These innovative shingles blend seamlessly with traditional roofing materials, offering an unobtrusive and elegant solution for energy-conscious homeowners. Designed for both function and form, these shingles not only generate power but also enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your property.

Solar Tiles

For those who desire a more integrated solar solution, CertainTeed’s solar tiles provide an exceptional alternative. These tiles are meticulously designed to mimic traditional roofing tiles while simultaneously generating clean energy. Ideal for both new constructions and retrofits, they offer a discreet and harmonious way to incorporate solar technology into your building’s design.

Key Features and Benefits

CertainTeed’s Solstice Series stands out for its advanced design, durability, and high efficiency. Every element in this series is engineered to deliver maximum energy production while ensuring strong structural integrity and attractive aesthetics. This collection promotes sustainability by providing eco-friendly energy solutions that lessen dependence on conventional power sources.

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Solstice Series: Innovative Solar Solutions 

Introduced in 2023, the Solstice Series from CertainTeed marks a major advancement in solar technology. It includes two powerful solar panels generating 400W and 440W, alongside a 70W solar shingle. Each component in this series utilizes half-cut, monocrystalline, n-type photovoltaic solar cells, which are crucial for today’s solar panels. These cells are designed with dual silicon layers to reduce heat loss, thereby boosting the efficiency of the half-cell setup in capturing solar energy.

Advanced Solar Panels 

The Solstice Series offers solar panels ranging from 400W to 440W, tailored to meet diverse energy needs. Featuring a half-cut cell design, these panels enhance power output while efficiently using rooftop space. Built with monocrystalline cells known for reliability and durability, they provide long-term sustainable energy solutions for both homes and businesses. Incorporating advanced n-type technology, these panels minimize energy loss, ensuring optimal power generation even under suboptimal conditions.

Revolutionary Solar Shingles 

The Solstice solar shingle is the latest breakthrough in CertainTeed’s lineup of solar roofing solutions. Diverging from conventional solar modules, Solstice shingles are aesthetically engineered to seamlessly integrate with standard asphalt shingles, providing a visually cohesive and energy-efficient roofing solution. Installation of Solstice shingles requires collaboration between roofing professionals and electricians, simplifying the integration of solar technology into new roof installations. However, due to their lower power output, primarily attributed to their compact size, a greater number of Solstice shingles are necessary to match the energy production of traditional solar panel systems.

Integrating Solar into Modern Roofing 

Solstice shingles represent a paradigm shift in solar roofing technology. Their discreet design allows for an elegant fusion with conventional roofing materials, making them an ideal choice for homeowners seeking both functionality and aesthetics. The ease of installation by roofing companies, with electrical support, ensures that homeowners can seamlessly incorporate solar technology into their roofing projects without extensive modifications. The necessity for more shingles to achieve desired energy output can be addressed through strategic placement and optimization, ensuring a balanced approach to energy generation and roof design.

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Evaluating CertainTeed Solar: A Comparative Analysis


“Solar panel efficiency” signifies the adeptness with which a solar panel captures sunlight and transmutes it into usable electricity. Under identical conditions, a high-efficiency solar panel will generate more electricity than a lower-efficiency panel of equivalent size. Thus, a superior efficiency rating is generally more desirable.

The performance of CertainTeed panels and solar shingles depends on the specific model chosen for your system. CertainTeed offers products with efficiency ratings ranging from 17.2% to 20.21%. Their Solstice panels, with efficiency ranging from 19.9% to 20.5%, meet industry standards. Panels achieving 18% or higher are considered “high efficiency.” For comparison, SunPower panels, available on the EnergySage Marketplace, achieve an impressive 22.8% efficiency. CertainTeed’s solar shingles and tiles typically range from 14% to 18% efficiency, falling within the standard range for solar roofing solutions.

Performance: Temperature Coefficient 

Understanding Temperature Coefficient

The temperature coefficient serves as a critical metric, reflecting the operational efficiency of your solar panels under suboptimal thermal conditions. Solar panels, akin to other electronic devices, exhibit peak performance when maintained at a cooler temperature, ideally around 25°C (77°F). The temperature coefficient quantifies the extent to which a panel’s efficiency is influenced by temperature variations, particularly during scorching, sunlit summer days.

Impact of Temperature on Solar Panel Efficiency

For every degree above the optimal 25°C (77°F), the electrical output of your solar panel diminishes according to its temperature coefficient. To illustrate, the temperature coefficient for CertainTeed Solstice panels, encompassing both the 400W and 440W variants, stands at 0.35%/°C. Consequently, a one-degree rise in the panel’s temperature from 25°C (77°F) results in a 0.35% decrease in electrical production. Should the temperature elevate to 35°C (95°F), the reduction in electricity generation would be 3.5%.

Optimal Temperature Coefficient for Solar Panels 

Given the likelihood of experiencing numerous hot, sun-drenched days annually, it is imperative for your solar panels to possess the lowest feasible temperature coefficient. CertainTeed’s array of solar products boasts temperature coefficients ranging between -0.35% and -0.45%, ensuring minimal efficiency loss under elevated temperatures.


When investing in significant assets like a television, automobile, or solar panels, a strong warranty from the manufacturer is essential. This assurance indicates the company’s confidence in the durability and quality of their product. In the context of solar panels, the materials warranty, also known as the product or equipment warranty, ensures that the manufacturer will replace any panel that fails due to manufacturing defects or environmental issues.

Comprehensive Coverage by CertainTeed 

CertainTeed provides an extensive 25-year warranty on all its solar products. This warranty encompasses panels, inverters, racking equipment, and the roof’s asphalt shingles. Notably, the inverter warranty is detailed: 25 years for microinverters, 25 years for optimizers, 12 years for optimized inverters, and 10 years for string inverters. This extensive coverage highlights the company’s commitment to long-term reliability.

Assured Power Output 

The power output warranty is a testament to CertainTeed’s confidence in their panels’ performance. It guarantees that the solar panels will produce at least 85% of their original output after 25 years. This assurance is critical for long-term energy planning and cost savings.

Specifics of Degradation and Coverage 

As with most warranties, CertainTeed’s product warranty covers the natural degradation of panel quality due to normal wear and tear from roof installation. However, it does not cover damage from extreme weather events or maintenance by uncertified workers. The annual degradation rate of CertainTeed’s solar products must not exceed 0.54%, ensuring minimal performance loss over time.

Unique Workmanship Warranty 

CertainTeed provides more than just a standard product warranty. They offer a special workmanship warranty, usually covered by the solar installer. Opting for a “Silver” installer ensures a 15-year workmanship guarantee, while choosing a “Gold” installer extends this assurance to 25 years. This gives you considerable confidence in the quality of your installation.

Further Information 

For a detailed analysis of CertainTeed’s warranty and to compare it with other top brands, refer to our comprehensive review and guide. This information will help you make an informed decision when choosing the best solar panel warranty for your needs.

Comparative Analysis

On the EnergySage Marketplace, CertainTeed solar panels have been rigorously reviewed and compared against other leading manufacturers. This analysis reveals that CertainTeed consistently excels in efficiency, performance, warranty offerings, and cost-effectiveness. These comparative insights assist consumers in making informed decisions, ensuring they select the best solar solution for their needs.

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Cost Analysis of CertainTeed Solar Products 

Financial Considerations for Homeowners

For many homeowners, the pivotal factor in selecting solar power equipment is the cost. The total expenditure for a solar energy system featuring CertainTeed panels can fluctuate based on supplementary equipment such as inverters and mounts, as well as the specific characteristics of your roof.

Pricing Range for CertainTeed Systems

To determine the cost spectrum for CertainTeed systems, we scrutinized quotes from installers on the EnergySage Marketplace that incorporated CertainTeed solar equipment. On average, CertainTeed systems cost around $2.54 to $3.28 per watt, which falls within the typical range for residential solar panels available on the EnergySage Marketplace.

Gross Cost Estimations

For a 6 kW system, your gross expenditure—prior to any deductions for tax credits or other incentives—would span from $15,240 to $19,680. This range represents the highest average price on the EnergySage Marketplace. Comparatively, a 6 kW system from Tesla ranges from $18,180 to $20,100. However, most homeowners do not pay the full gross cost. Numerous solar incentives and rebates are available to mitigate upfront expenses.

Impact of Solar Incentives and Rebates

One significant incentive is the 30% federal tax credit for solar, which can substantially reduce costs. With this credit, the cost range for a CertainTeed solar panel system decreases to $10,668 to $13,776. This substantial reduction makes solar energy systems more accessible and financially viable for a broader range of homeowners.

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Advantages & Disadvantages of CertainTeed Solar Solutions

When considering a significant investment like CertainTeed solar panels, shingles, and tiles, it is essential to weigh both advantages and disadvantages. Whether your primary motivation is to harness clean energy or to reduce electric bills, understanding the full spectrum of benefits and drawbacks will aid in making an informed decision.

Pros of CertainTeed Solar Panels, Shingles, and Tiles

Comprehensive Panel Warranty

CertainTeed offers a comprehensive warranty that sets a benchmark for thoroughness. This warranty covers not only the solar panels but also every aspect of their installation, ensuring complete peace of mind. Entrusting installation to certified professionals is crucial for guaranteeing superior workmanship. They ensure meticulous attention to detail and adherence to the highest industry standards, ensuring both the product and installation meet top-quality and reliability standards.


Backed by the venerable Saint-Gobain, a company with a storied history exceeding a century, CertainTeed’s solar equipment is synonymous with dependability. This heritage, combined with CertainTeed’s extensive expertise in the building industry, ensures that their solar solutions are robust and enduring. This dual assurance from two industry giants makes CertainTeed a trusted name in solar technology, offering products that stand the test of time.


For homeowners who prioritize the visual appeal of their property, CertainTeed’s solar shingles and tiles are an exceptional choice. These products are designed to blend seamlessly with traditional roofing materials, keeping the home’s architectural style intact. CertainTeed leverages its extensive experience in roof installation and material development to create solar roofing solutions that are not only functional but also visually unobtrusive. This blend of form and function sets CertainTeed apart in the realm of solar roofing, offering a solution that enhances both the energy efficiency and the aesthetic value of the home.

Cons of CertainTeed Solar Panels, Shingles, And Tiles

  • Efficiency Concerns: CertainTeed panels do not excel in efficiency compared to leading competitors. If maximizing energy output is crucial for your solar setup, exploring alternative brands may be advisable.
  • Temperature Coefficient: The temperature coefficient of CertainTeed panels is average. This coefficient plays a crucial role in determining how well the panels perform under varying temperatures, affecting both their longevity and power generation capacity.

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How To Find The Best Price On CertainTeed Solar Panels

To uncover the optimal pricing for CertainTeed solar panels, it’s essential to explore various quotes featuring different solar equipment types. By leveraging the EnergySage Marketplace, you can pinpoint the ideal balance of cost-effectiveness and premium quality tailored to your specific requirements.

Numerous accredited solar installers listed on EnergySage routinely incorporate CertainTeed panels into their quotations for users. Ensure to specify your preference for receiving quotes inclusive of CertainTeed panels when setting up your profile.

This approach allows you to make an informed decision based on competitive pricing and superior product standards, ensuring your solar investment aligns perfectly with your home’s energy needs.


CertainTeed Solar Panels offer a compelling blend of innovation, reliability, and aesthetic integration, backed by a century-old legacy in construction materials. From high-efficiency panels to seamlessly integrated solar shingles and tiles, CertainTeed provides sustainable energy solutions designed to meet the needs of both residential and commercial applications. With robust warranties and a commitment to quality, CertainTeed stands as a trusted choice for homeowners looking to embrace solar technology.


  • Why CertainTeed solar panels good for homes and businesses?
    CertainTeed’s solar panels are designed to cater to both residential and commercial energy needs. Their product lineup includes panels, shingles, and tiles tailored for various installation types and energy demands.
  • What warranty coverage do CertainTeed solar products come with?
    CertainTeed offers an extensive 25-year warranty on their solar panels, inverters, racking equipment, and asphalt shingles. This warranty ensures long-term reliability and peace of mind for homeowners investing in solar energy.
  • How do CertainTeed solar shingles compare to traditional solar panels in terms of efficiency?
    CertainTeed’s solar shingles offer an aesthetic advantage by blending seamlessly with traditional roofing materials. However, their efficiency per unit area is typically lower than conventional solar panels, requiring careful consideration of installation size for energy production goals.
  • What is the expected lifespan of CertainTeed solar panels and shingles?
    CertainTeed solar panels and shingles are built to withstand various weather conditions and are expected to operate efficiently for over 25 years. Regular maintenance and adherence to installation guidelines can further extend their lifespan.

  • How can I find the best price for CertainTeed solar panels?
    To get competitive prices for CertainTeed solar panels, get quotes from certified installers on sites like EnergySage Marketplace. Compare these offers to find the best balance of cost and quality for your solar investment.