CertainTeed is renowned for its excellence in providing integrated solar and roofing solutions. Combining advanced technology with sustainable practices, CertainTeed offers a range of products designed to meet the evolving needs of contractors and homeowners alike. In the competitive landscape of construction, standing out isn’t just about quality—it’s about delivering unmatched excellence that resonates with clients. CertainTeed Solar and Roofing Systems offer a distinct edge for contractors aiming to surpass expectations and secure lasting customer satisfaction. By the end of the article you’ll have a better understanding on 7 reasons why contractors should choose CertainTeed solar and roofing systems?

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Introduction to CertainTeed Solar and Roofing Systems

What is CertainTeed?

CertainTeed is a leading company in building materials, known for its innovative solar and roofing systems. With many years of experience, they provide durable and efficient construction solutions.

Overview of Solar and Roofing Systems

CertainTeed’s solar products work perfectly with their roofing systems for a complete solution in energy efficiency and sustainability. They combine advanced solar technology with top-quality roofing materials to improve energy use. This allows homeowners and businesses to easily use solar power while keeping their roofs looking good.

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7 Reasons Why Contractors Should Choose CertainTeed Solar And Roofing Systems 

Highest Quality

Superior Performance Guaranteed 

CertainTeed delivers superior solar panels meticulously crafted using advanced automated manufacturing processes. These solar panels stand out for their unparalleled durability and efficiency, setting new benchmarks in renewable energy technology.

Premium Materials and Rigorous Quality Control

Crafted from high-quality materials, CertainTeed solar panels adhere to rigorous quality control protocols. Each component undergoes meticulous testing to ensure optimum performance and longevity.

Confidence in Installation: Comprehensive Warranties

When selecting CertainTeed solar panels, be confident that your installation needs are fully covered. Our extensive warranties apply to both new and existing asphalt or low-slope roofs, protecting not just the solar panels but also vital components of the solar system like inverters and mounting hardware. What distinguishes CertainTeed is our dedication to quality expertise—our warranties also ensure the high standard of installation. Trust us to provide the strongest warranty in the solar industry.

Wrap Warranty 

Ensure peace of mind with our exclusive wrap warranty, designed to safeguard homeowners’ investments. Our unparalleled warranty covers a comprehensive range of components essential to your solar energy system’s performance. This includes innovating protection for Solstice Panels, inverters, racking systems, and other critical elements.

Ensuring Warranty Integrity

When integrating solar panels, maintaining the integrity of your roofing warranty is paramount. We provide multiple solutions to ensure seamless solar integration. Choosing our Solstice Panel ensures you receive a strong solar system warranty and maintain the integrity of our renowned roofing warranty, covering both materials and craftsmanship. Importantly, installing Solstice Panels on CertainTeed shingles does not void the limited warranty against manufacturing defects for our asphalt shingle products. Whether you’re retrofitting Solstice Panels onto an existing roof or integrating them into a new roof with solar upgrades, both solutions are protected under a single company warranty.

Enhanced Warranty Coverage: Offering Comprehensive Protection 

Experience true peace of mind with our integrated warranty package covering all solar components, roofing materials, and installation workmanship. By consolidating warranties under a single company, we ensure robust protection for your solar investment.

Customer Assurance Guaranteed: Sell Confidence, Not Just Solar 

Provide your customers with more than just solar panels; offer them unwavering confidence in their investment. Our comprehensive warranty package guarantees top-tier quality and reliability across every aspect of solar installation and roofing materials.

Unified Warranty Advantage: Streamlined Protection for Your Investment

Streamline your sales pitch with our unified warranty approach. By bundling solar components, roofing materials, and installation under one comprehensive warranty, you can assure your customers of unparalleled protection and reliability.

Investment Security: Ensure Long-term Peace of Mind 

Ensure your customers’ investments are safeguarded with our inclusive warranty solution. Covering everything from solar equipment to roofing installation, our comprehensive warranty offers peace of mind that lasts for years to come.

Seamless Integration: Simplify Your Solar Solution 

Simplify the solar purchasing process with our seamlessly integrated warranty coverage. Offering peace of mind through consolidated protection, we ensure a straightforward and reliable solar investment experience for every customer.

Solstice Panel: Redefining Solar Roofing Warranties 

When you choose Solstice Panel for your solar roofing needs, you’re not just investing in the present—you’re securing your future. Unlike conventional solar roofing options, Solstice Panel ensures that your CertainTeed asphalt roofing warranty remains intact, whether you’re installing it on a new roof or integrating it with your existing one. This distinction sets it apart in the solar energy market.

Long-Term Assurance

Solstice Panel isn’t just about today’s energy needs; it’s engineered to deliver reliable solar power for an impressive 25-year span. This warranty surpasses industry standards, ensuring sustained efficiency and performance that outlasts many competitors.

Advanced Technology 

Utilizing advanced solar technology, Solstice Panel maximizes energy capture efficiency. Its innovative design integrates seamlessly into your roof structure, optimizing sunlight absorption and converting it into usable electricity with unmatched reliability.

Uncompromised Quality

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and durability, the Solstice Panel embodies the highest standards of solar engineering excellence. Each panel undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets strict quality benchmarks, ensuring reliable performance and longevity in various environmental conditions.

Enhance Your Property with SMARTCOAT™ Liquid-Applied Roof Restoration Systems 

Revitalize your aging commercial property effortlessly with our advanced SMARTCOAT™ liquid-applied roof restoration system. This innovative technology seamlessly integrates 25-year warranties for both your low-slope roof and rooftop solar system, ensuring durability and efficiency.

7 Reasons Why Contractors Should Choose CertainTeed Solar And Roofing Systems

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Advanced Technological Innovations 

Advanced Attributes of CertainTeed Products

CertainTeed integrates advanced technology into its products, setting new standards in the industry. These innovations not only enhance product performance but also redefine user experience.

From advanced photovoltaic cells to smart energy management systems, CertainTeed products utilize advanced technology to enhance efficiency and reliability. Each component is precisely crafted to deliver superior performance in diverse environmental conditions.

These technological advancements ensure that CertainTeed remains at the forefront of sustainable building solutions. By integrating sophisticated materials and precision engineering, they enhance energy conversion rates and overall system durability.

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Environmental Benefits 

Sustainability Aspects of CertainTeed Systems 

CertainTeed’s systems are designed with a strong focus on efficient, integrating advanced technologies that minimize environmental impact. These systems leverage innovative materials and efficient processes to enhance energy efficiency and reduce resource consumption.

Impact on Reducing Carbon Footprint 

Implementing CertainTeed systems significantly mitigates carbon footprint levels. By using technologies, these systems enhance energy consumption and smoothly integrate sustainable energy sources, effectively reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Continuous research and innovation allow CertainTeed to lead sustainable solutions, exceptional environmental standards and securing a greener future for upcoming generations.


In conclusion, reasons why contractors should choose CertainTeed solar and roofing systems offer contractors a compelling array of benefits. From reliability and energy efficiency to innovative technology and environmental sustainability, these systems empower contractors to deliver superior solutions that meet the needs of today’s homeowners. By choosing CertainTeed, contractors not only enhance their professional reputation but also contribute to a greener future.


  • Are CertainTeed solar and roofing systems expensive?
    The initial cost may be higher, the long-term savings on energy bills and maintenance make them affordable. 
  • Do CertainTeed systems require specialized installation skills?
    CertainTeed offers comprehensive training and support to guarantee installations adhere to the highest standards of mastery.
  • How do CertainTeed systems contribute to energy efficiency?
    Through advanced technology and integrated design, CertainTeed systems enhance energy production and consumption. 
  • Are CertainTeed products environmentally friendly?
    Yes, CertainTeed systems reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainability.

  • What support does CertainTeed offer to contractors?
    CertainTeed offers comprehensive training programs and technical assistance to support contractors throughout the installation and maintenance processes.